Vehicle Tracking System

Addon Track is providing a complete GPS Vehicle Tracking System for your vehicle to monitor

Vehicle Tracking and Management System

Don’t lose track of anything with vehicle tracking system. Providing different tracking devices and GPS locator for vehicle, equipment, container and people with mobile and web applications

For your vehicle live tracking our unique and powerful vehicle tracking solutions and tools based on GPS and GLONASS technologies help your business or organization in myriads of ways in a user-friendly manner including

Live GPS Tracking

You can know where your vehicles are at any moment round-the-clock and can collect details of the mechanism of vehicles. Moreover,

  • Our tools can improve the visibility of drivers and vehicles greatly. The system has in build different protocols for different tracking devices for cars and trucks.
  • You can get maximum productivity by finding shortcuts for routes of your vehicle on Maps and in real-time so your tasks would have done rapidly and with cost, efficiency using track auto features in system
  • Our tools & technologies can improve security by displaying detailed current GPS location info in real-time
  • With the help of fuel monitoring system, we can save money on fuel costs by monitoring unauthorized vehicle locations, unwanted ideal running and so on.

Saving Location History

You can save and track history of vehicles by the location, date, route, etc. in the database and on the Maps as well. Thus,

  • You can decide better routes to maximize productivity of your fleets or vehicles
  • It helps you to cut down operation costs using different car GPS
  • It reduces unauthorized vehicle use
  • Monitor visited clients
  • Monitor activity of drivers and other staff with vehicles in detailed reports within our vehicle tracking system

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Using Addon Track vehicle tracking system you can update your clients/customers with real-time information regarding their cargo/goods or can send them tracking code for limited tracking access. It can enhance your reputation in the market and relieve your customers from worries. Nowadays every auto business trying to add GPS for cars getting updated with GPS location and more.

Manage Drivers Efficiently

With real-time tracking and collecting plenty of information regarding vehicles and locations, you can manage drivers efficiently by

  • Improving communication with drivers
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Cut costs by automated process for routing, re-routing, and tasks allocations for drivers
  • Keep customers and drivers in touch with each other whenever needed. GPS vehicle tracking system it is more important, especially in car rental business.

Control Vehicles Remotely

We enable you to control vital functions of your vehicles remotely using GPS Tracking System and through sensors, client-server communication. It is because our tools can track the status of

  • Engine temperature
  • Door status (open/close)
  • Status of ignition
  • Lights status (head/tail)
  • Battery status
  • Window glass status (open/close)

Thus, you can control following functions in your vehicles directly without taking any help from humans or warn your drivers for security lapse in this regard.

  • Ignition functions
  • Door functions
  • Windows functions
  • Light functions

Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking is a method of working out exactly where something is located and using our GPS tracking system get more polished data reports for your car, truck, assets and personal with live GPS monitoring. Find best vehicle tracking system in India from one of the best GPS Tracking System Development Company.

Leverage Geo-fencing Technologies

We enable you to draw geo-fencing boundaries on the Maps in any shape like a circle, rectangle, square, etc. Thus, whenever your vehicles will go outside or entering in by crossing your imagine boundaries, you and your vehicle operators will get web alerts, SMS or push notifications in your mobile GPS tracking system or initiate any desired action/s. for live GPS data.

Access Detailed Reports with Presentations

Our dashboard can provide you real-time location status of your vehicles as well as display historical data in your desired formats including graphics, charts, tables, etc. for better comprehension. Our vehicle tracking system adopts with big – small gps tracking device with different companies’ protocol and generates specific reports.

Get Instant Alerts

We use various sensors to monitor different functions of vehicles and its mechanisms. In due course, you can receive alerts, notifications, and instant messages via texts, voice, or by email for unlimited users.

Therefore, you can set up alerts for

  • Speed
  • Crash
  • Engine functionality
  • Fuel usages
  • PTO usage
  • Temperature
  • Vehicle motion/ideal conditions
  • Power
  • Panic button
  • Security aspects and much more

Moreover, you can save your vehicles from thefts or get instant recovery of stolen vehicles due to mobile access of GPS location data of your vehicle anywhere and at any time. More important we have mobile GPS locator app integrated with the system and get alerts on the way.

Efficient Vehicle Maintenance

We enable you to maintain your vehicles efficiently and let you or your staff accomplishes critical maintenance tasks on the fly using mobile gps tracking app. In due course, we offer following features.

  • You can create various maintenance tasks and allocate to the vehicles according to needs
  • You can plan a maintenance schedule and implement it
  • You can evaluate tasks using odometer, engine usage, and time lapse
  • You can track maintenance tasks and give them status such as overdue, still at the safe stage, emergency, etc.
  • You can cost each task with an average
  • Save money by cutting unnecessary tasks

Industries We Serve

  • Fleets
  • Logistics
  • Public Transportation
  • Marine
  • Waste Management
  • Courier Company
  • Angadia Services Provider


What our clients say

Addon Track fleet tracking software we use has saved us lot money, more than enough to cover the cost! It has saved us on fuel and helped in scheduling our transportation activities. It not only just GPS tracking solutions but there are many other module which help us to put our business at next level.

- Suraj Gupta

We have been utilizing Addon Track GPS System for two years and we found very good result with real time updates and alerting system. The price is affordable and the features what are in the system you rill rarely find out in other software and important part of this system is mobile apps alert system.

- Sanjay Patel

I found Addon Track GPS Tracking Software where I can set up my entire transportation business with complete fleet management and live tracking with 24 hours. You can generate enough reports to make decision. I recommend to use this software and save time and money for your business.

- Dilip Godhani