Privacy Policy for TT-Driver App

User Provided & Automatically Collected Information

In order to run our TT-Driver app mobile application , we require following information from the end-user devices and other means by automated ways.

Contact Info

We are accessing the user contacts/phone contacts for sharing the tracking page link of the Unit. The generated link can be shared via any messenger.

Google Profile/User Profile

TT-Driver is using GCM to send push notifications to App users, so we are accessing the Google Account configured for the device.

For the sake of authentication, communication, and location tracking we use the Google profile of the users who have created during account registration for Google Play Store.

Since the user profile abides by Google’s privacy policy and we have to respect it, we keep it private and secure with us on our server for frequent usage.

GPS Data

We are accessing the GPS locations of the users, which is the nearest Units from the current locations and provide the trip to nearest driver from customers location.

Our app is providing LBS using various location-based technologies. GPS tracking is the main technology, and we collect GPS data to determine the current location of users who either opt for cab service, transportation/fleet business owners, or personal tracking purposes.

TT-DRiver App presents location data on live Maps and provides the latest updates of locations in real-time.

Involvement of Third Parties in Data Sharing

Technically, no third party is involved in the data sharing except the users or our customers/clients like fleet/transport owners, parents of kids/children, pet owners, and relatives of disabled/older people.

In other words, they are also a part of app users anyhow, and they have access to app data only those are concerned with app functions pertaining to their roles.

However, we respect the laws of lands, and the government bodies of any country can request us only legitimate data sharing through legitimate ways/orders only.

Opt-out Rights of End-users

We have devised the app uninstallation process in standard ways so you can stop the collection of your private and public data automatically by uninstalling the app from your devices. Otherwise, you can contact us through our supports/email to request to opt-out.

Data Retention, Management, and Security Policies

Data Retention

We retain the data or retrieving the data only up to you use the TT-Driver application. It is because our data retrieval and retention process is automatic and ends immediately you uninstall the app.

Data Security

We have taken all security measures including physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to save and protect your private and public data from the malicious elements on the web and on the physical locations where servers are running.

We also follow standard security compliance prevailing in the industry to raise our security bars. Therefore, chances are zero for data theft, data breaching, data leakage, and hacking of the app.

Changes in Privacy Policies

Herewith, we would like to inform you that our privacy policies may update from time-to-time due to any legitimate only reasons and we are bound to inform you the changes through notifications, email, or any other prescribed way.

Your Consent

By using our TT-Driver Mobile App, you are consenting to our processing of info as outlined in this Privacy Policy statements now and as amended by us.

Terms used:

Unit: It can be an asset, vehicle, field staff, kid, pet or any individual who is having TT-Driver hardware to share its GPS location.

What our clients say

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