Personal GPS Tracking

We provide a range of Personal GPS Trackers for personal tracking with GPS location and real-time movements of the person.

A Complete GPS Personal Tracking System

A GPS Personal Tracker can help track loved ones

Our system track you all the way you walk through Keep track of family members, dogs, employee or anyone you need to monitor with a personal GPS tracking In our modern society, we are always worried about the safety and security of loved ones including kids, parents/elders, spouse, and so on. Therefore, our personal GPS tracking software and app are most sought after in the market. We know taking care of Elderly persons is a daunting job, particularly when they are suffering from fall or other health issues. In such conditions, leaving them alone is dangerous for their health and some time for their life too. We have live tracking system with different style gps tracking device for kids and pets and more with RFID personnel tracking solutions

Our personal GPS tracking system enables you to keep them under constant surveillance using the latest GPS tracking technologies including alerts with GeoFencing and more. We have different range of GPS Personal Tracker to use in person

Our solutions offer help to the private caretakers and nursing homes for elderly adults. The same technologies and concepts working for kids and parents can feel comforts while taking care of kids and their duties simultaneously.

GPS Personal Tracking Features

  • Panic Button to activate instant alerts or calls in odd situations
  • Internal microphone and speaker
  • GeoFencing setting and Map interface to locate your loved ones
  • Real-time online tracking to monitor activities remotely
useful features

Taking Care of Your Pets Using Our Pet Tracking Solutions

Pet lovers are always under stress regarding the security of their pets and our out-of-box GPS tracking system can help them in advanced ways using the latest technologies. We have robust GPS tracking for dogs with mobile apps and more. The advanced features we offer are:

  • Support for various forms of devices including belts and tags
  • Robust and functional design
  • Geo-Fencing capabilities
  • Location history recording
  • Real-time online updates
  • Two-way communication abilities


If you are government or private agency and want to spy someone, our smart solutions enable you to track your enemies, spouse, and even dates without acknowledging them.

What our clients say

Addon Track fleet tracking software we use has saved us lot money, more than enough to cover the cost! It has saved us on fuel and helped in scheduling our transportation activities. It not only just GPS tracking solutions but there are many other module which help us to put our business at next level.

- Suraj Gupta

We have been utilizing Addon Track GPS System for two years and we found very good result with real time updates and alerting system. The price is affordable and the features what are in the system you rill rarely find out in other software and important part of this system is mobile apps alert system.

- Sanjay Patel

I found Addon Track GPS Tracking Software where I can set up my entire transportation business with complete fleet management and live tracking with 24 hours. You can generate enough reports to make decision. I recommend to use this software and save time and money for your business.

- Dilip Godhani