Field Staff Tracking Software

Monitor real-time movement on the map for location-based task assignment for all your field staff. Let’s talk about your requirements

Sales Employee Location Tracking App

Boost Visibility and Accountability using our field staff tracking software and get visibility into employee current locations with GPS details and more.

Managing employees working in the field is considering a daunting task for managers and business owners, and it becomes more challenging when a big staff with different purposes have involved. And for the same, we have developed employee tracking software where the business owner can track employee with real-time GPS location. Our field service software allows you to set individual or group of employee GPS tracking and generate auto process data on the server. Why you need to know for filed employee location with few reasons you need to track employee location

  • It is because the managers or owners
  • Hardly know whereabouts of their employees
  • Unable to plan and schedule visits
  • Tired of fake reports and bills
  • Unable to check attendance and meetings at remote places
  • Unreliable data for reach of products and client locations
  • Unreliable order management

If you are one those businesses and opt for real solutions, Addon Track can help you with field staff tracking software we can furnish you following vital details with our GPS enabled devices and services.

  • Time spent at each location
  • Distance covered by staff members
  • Time of arrival and departure for a location
  • Driving pattern
  • Geo-tagged images
  • SOS messages
  • Alerts

We manage it all using the latest technologies for location tracking such as GPS, GLONASS, and mobile/cellular tracking. We get maximum visibility of your employee using Geo Fencing, Route Optimization, and Location-based Notifications. Track your employee on track and field events, trigger and get updated in real-time using our mobile employee tracking system.

Industries We Serve

Best Field Staff Tracking Software for Industries

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Pharmacy
  • High-Value Goods
  • FMCG
  • Advertising & Campaigns
  • Logistics & Ecommerce
  • Security & Patrolling
  • Facility Management
  • Tours and Travels


What our clients say

Addon Track fleet tracking software we use has saved us lot money, more than enough to cover the cost! It has saved us on fuel and helped in scheduling our transportation activities. It not only just GPS tracking solutions but there are many other module which help us to put our business at next level.

- Suraj Gupta

We have been utilizing Addon Track GPS System for two years and we found very good result with real time updates and alerting system. The price is affordable and the features what are in the system you rill rarely find out in other software and important part of this system is mobile apps alert system.

- Sanjay Patel

I found Addon Track GPS Tracking Software where I can set up my entire transportation business with complete fleet management and live tracking with 24 hours. You can generate enough reports to make decision. I recommend to use this software and save time and money for your business.

- Dilip Godhani