Asset Tracking Software

It enables companies to uniquely identify any object by affixing or embedding an RFID tag.

Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking Software helps you to know where each asset is located and really helps you be organized in your company with important assets. Besides these, some valuable assets are prone to stealing and your need to recover it immediately.

In such conditions, our asset tracking solutions can bring back your assets and even mobiles safely and securely. Our solutions have following awesome features to avail.

  • You can view the location of your lost objects on Maps of your mobile app
  • Geo-Fencing abilities to draw boundaries
  • Have inbuilt microphones for remote listening
  • Real-time updates for tracking
  • Hidden hardware and sensors

Saving Location History

You can save and track history of vehicles by the location, date, route, etc. in the database and on the Maps as well. Thus,

  • You can decide better routes to maximize productivity of your fleets or vehicles
  • It helps you to cut down operation costs using different car GPS
  • It reduces unauthorized vehicle use
  • Monitor visited clients
  • Monitor activity of drivers and other staff with vehicles in detailed reports within our vehicle tracking system

What our clients say

Addon Track fleet tracking software we use has saved us lot money, more than enough to cover the cost! It has saved us on fuel and helped in scheduling our transportation activities. It not only just GPS tracking solutions but there are many other module which help us to put our business at next level.

- Suraj Gupta

We have been utilizing Addon Track GPS System for two years and we found very good result with real time updates and alerting system. The price is affordable and the features what are in the system you rill rarely find out in other software and important part of this system is mobile apps alert system.

- Sanjay Patel

I found Addon Track GPS Tracking Software where I can set up my entire transportation business with complete fleet management and live tracking with 24 hours. You can generate enough reports to make decision. I recommend to use this software and save time and money for your business.

- Dilip Godhani